Let’s make every roof in Switzerland produce solar power


Solergy makes solar power accessible to anyone who can contribute to the energy transition with roofs, investment or consumption. We bring together real estate owners, tenants and investors and provide a model where everybody benefits, and contributes to Switzerland´s energy strategies.

Property owners

Do you want to make money with your unused roof and also make your building greener?

Are you the owner or co-owner of a real estate, e.g. a multi-family house or an office or commercial building?

We make your building more attractive for you and your tenants with cheaper and renewable power and this will cost you nothing. What’s more, you can achieve more income by renting out your so far unused roof. By bringing investment partners to install solar panels on your roof, we enable you to get greener with no financial or administrative burden.

Contact us now and we will evaluate your real estate to tap unused potentials.


Do you want to invest long-term with stable yields and a greener portfolio?

Do you want to invest long-term with stable yields and a greener portfolio?

We offer you an asset-based, long-term impact investment opportunity in renewable energy with which you can make your portfolio greener. You can invest in setting up solar power systems on roofs that we rent from real estate owners. Thanks to the latest improvements in solar technology, your return can be guaranteed for at least 20 years with attractive yields based on the sale of the produced electricity, starting with the 1st day of the operation of the solar power system.

Please contact us to setup an apointment so we may inform you about the investment, as well as the yield opportunities.


Are you committed to consume greener and cheaper power than provided by your local supplier?

Do you live or run a business in a rented space with a desire to contribute to a greener future through the utilization of solar energy that also reduces your electricity cost?

Be our advocate in motivating the owner of the building to rent out the roof for solar panels. Our model guarantees additional income for the owner at no investment costs, and brings you an eco-friendly environment with affordable locally produced solar power. Your electricity cost will be more stable and predictable and kept below the market price.

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Renting suitable roofs of large real estates with a contracting agreement for Photovoltaic Solar installations for 20-25 years  will allow you, your tenants or potentially even your neighbors to consume locally produced green-energy at a price below the market rate. During the rental period you will benefit from our generous rental fee, up to 20% of the local consumption of solar power in your real estate. Why not letting your roof generate revenue while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

If you choose to rent out your roof, and your roof is in a good condition, you will have no costs. Both installation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system will be our responsibility. May your roof need any renovation in the next years or decades, we are happy to assist you with our partners network. Let us take over the burden and 20-100% of those costs as well.