About Solergy

It all started at the #VersusVirus Hackathon and Climathon events organized by Impact Hub Switzerland in 2020, where Solergy was brought to life by a group of experts in engineering, information technology, energy, law and environment. We all had one thing in common: our dedication to green energy.

Our mission is to boost the Swiss energy transition by making solar power accessible to anyone who can contribute with roofs, investment or electricity consumption.

Based in Aargau, we provide a model that brings together property owners, investors, tenants and utilities.

This solution empowers building owners to benefit from solar panels on their roofs, without having to make any investment or to take care of the administrative hassle related to it. Optionally, they can even enjoy tax benefits if they decide to participate in the investment.

Thanks to this solution, we expect that a lot of rooftops in Switzerland will be covered with solar panels that would otherwise remain empty, either because the owner does not reside in the building and is therefore not financially motivated to invest in solar energy, or because they do not want to spend as much capital as a full-scale solar plant requires.

Our solution also enables tenants (residents and businesses that rent their living or working space) to use solar electricity and even invest in it and earn profit, without owning the roof.

We believe that shifting to and investing in renewable energy directly contributes to improving the land, air, and water quality in Switzerland as it causes less greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to deploying fossil fuels.

Join us in the fight against climate change today!

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